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Green Team Report

Hello everyone. I’m Maegan Bedwell, captain of the Presenters. I would like to thank all of our Green Team members for attending weekly and monthly meetings, for being very helpful by putting time into our Green Team efforts, and for the work you are doing in your individual Green Team groups. I would especially like to thank the Techies who worked so hard to create this amazing website. The Composters have been doing a great job at keeping up with their work, as always. I am so happy that the Green Team has made so much progress in our goal to make DIS a better place. Everyone is doing a wonderful job. Keep up the good work!

Green Team T-Shirts have been given out to everybody, as well as Mr. Merrideth, the superintendant of Durant Public Schools. Green Team members, please continue to check the work request board daily at Headquarters, or even fill out your own request for another group’s member to collect. Also remember that just because there are only a few weeks of school left doesn’t mean we should not stay on task. All of our Green Team leaders and captains are very thankful for your time and determination. Please remember to show up to meetings when you can, and as always, keep our earth green!

Sincerely, Maegan


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