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The Recycling Stations!!!

The Green Team has set up 3 recycling stations. One is in the 4th grade area, near the 4th grade gym. The 4th graders fill it up, and the 6th graders empty it. The 5th graders have a recycling station upstairs, beside the boys' bathroom, which they manage. We will be more than happy if you drop off your recycling at any of these stations!

Mrs. LIbby"s green team class has set up a big recycling station in the hall to the main office; it is not only for the 6th graders but for everyone in DIS to use. We would be more than happy if our whole school recycled. The 6th grade recycling station is the biggest recycling station and offers many options.

We hope you all will recycle and set good examples to show people recycling can save the world, then everyone will recycle and you really will save the world!! Thank you! :)


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