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Why use renewable resources?

Why should we use renewable resources? On August 26, 1986, a power plant in Chernobyl, Ukraine (part of the U.S.S.R during that period) exploded. The victims' images are so disturbing, I cannot show them here. I advise you not to look it up. The image below, shown on Fox News in 2011, is in Fukushima, Japan. Too many accidents like that and our natural environment could be killed. However, if we start using renweable resources, we can prevent any disasters such as this from happening. The cost of renewable resources are declining, and quickly. If we stop the emission of co2 (carbon dioxide), we could "save the world" such as in video games, but much, much more easily. The only way it can change is if you do your part. Will you stop using fossil fuels? Will you start a chain reaction that can save our future? It's up to you...