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How does population growth affect our planet and how do we fix it?

I chose this topic because although population problems aren't usually one of peoples’ main topics to speak about throughout the day, it's still an ongoing worldwide problem.

Population refers to the total number of people living in a place. Our society has experienced rampant population growth over time. There are currently a total of 7.7 billion people living in our world. A growing population requires a growing economy and has increasing resource needs. Therefore, the large population becomes a problem when the state lacks enough space, enough food, and necessary supplies.

I’ve done quite a bit of my own research and according to The Ecology Book, the more our population grows, the more stress is put on the environment. In the book it says, “Future population growth is also likely to aggravate many environmental problems, such as pollution and rising levels of atmospheric greenhouse gases, fueling global climate change.” Meaning, population growth is on its way to destroy our environment.

In the book Drawdown (edited by Paul Hawken), it says that educating girls "is the single most important social and economic factor associated with a reduction in vulnerability to natural disasters." The book also stated, "The difference between a woman with no years of schooling and with 12 years of schooling is almost 4 to five children per woman. It is precisely in those areas of the world where girls are having the hardest time getting educated that population growth is growing the fastest."

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