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Treasure in our Yards!

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Ever wonder why we call some plants weeds? Like dandelions. They have names, they’re just not always wanted. They’re not as bold as roses or tulips, but if we look close enough, they’re just as bee-a-u-tiful! Here are some flowers that I found recently in my yard. Some of these are even edible! And the bees love them!

The plants in this first picture are called wood sorrel and are edible. Don’t eat them though unless you ask your parent first, and be sure they’re clean. Also, always be sure you know how to identify the plant correctly if you plan to eat it. Notice that the flower has 5 petals and the leaves look like clover leaves. It’s easy to google pictures to make sure you have the right plant.

Did you know that we can eat dandelions and their leaves? But just like with wood sorrel, ask your parent first, make sure you have the right plant, and always clean it first. This bee is having a scrumptious lunch!

This next plant is called henbit, and I’ve been eating it for lunch lately.

Here’s a bowel of henbit that I collected a few weeks ago. I soaked it in water for a while and made sure it was clean, then I took it to school for my lunch.

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