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Old Oak Organics - local sustainable farm!

When visiting the Durant Farmer's Market I often talk to farmers about their farming practices. I only buy food raised without chemicals. Fortunately, I have been meeting many farmers who already farm sustainably (organically) or are working toward improving their practices. Ellie and Richard Wittiger have a farm south of Durant called Old Oak Organics. A couple of weeks ago, Balance and I enjoyed a visit with the Wittiger's and they gave us a tour, telling us all about their journey into sustainable farming. They've enjoyed much success and are continually experimenting with their methods. One of their role models is Joel Salatin, a Virginia farmer who is making waves in the field of sustainable farming. His work and knowledge is featured in the documentary, Food, Inc., which is a fascinating documentary uncovering the inadequacies of our current food system and what we need to do to change it. He offers a holistic perspective and works with the land's natural ecology to create a sustainable farming system. His work is truly inspriational and the Wittiger's are employing his methods combined with their own to form their own version of a truly sustainable farm.

Ellie and Richard Wittiger

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