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Waste from our Cafeteria

A few months ago, the 6th grade green team class had a ''unique'' project to do. We got a large bag of trash from the cafeteria and separated it out. We found plastic, food waste, milk cartons, styrofoam plates, plastic spoons, dirty napkins and more. It was really gross but it was also sad knowing that most people wouldn't even think about whether any of these things are recyclable.

We collected data by taking pictures and counting how much there was of each type of waste. We had a LOT of styrofoam plates and milk cartons, which are recyclable if not covered with food waste. We also had an artist to kinda visualize what the whole process looked like.

Anyways, the message we are trying to tell you is recycle your stuff! We have to separate things from the very beginning. When we throw it all together it becomes really gross and most likely will never be recycled. If you recycle you save our world!

Thank you! :)


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