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Composting at DIS

To start, have you ever wondered how composting helps the earth? If you want to know, read on. The first thing you do is take some food scraps (banana peels, bread, apples, etc.), put them in a paper bag (no plastic!) and then dig a hole. Then, put the bag in the hole and bury it. Do not enclose it too tight! Last but definitely not least, you need to water it. Well, now you know about composting. Make the world a better place! Did you know, that more than 80% of your trash can be recycled AND/OR composted? The world needs to be cared for and treated just like you and me. You can help the world by composting and getting your friends and family to do it as well. If you already compost the world says thank you! Composting can help the earth by making the soil more fertile and we will have less trash. I hope that one day that this earth will be greener than ever before! Keep calm, and compost on!

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