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The Green House Effect

The green house effect is where a whole bunch of Co2 (and other greenhouse gases) is released into the atmosphere. A little bit of it is good, but too much is bad. right now we have way too much! Carbon dioxide is a colorless gas with a density about 50% higher than that of dry air. Carbon dioxide consists of a carbon atom double bonded to two oxygen atoms. We are a big part of co2. We create a Whole bunch of it. We are made UP of carbon, as are plants AND animals . If we plant more plants it would help, but everybody has a part, not just one person. spread the word, be the difference! carbon is the building block of life, but the carbon cycle has to be balanced. can you reach the top shelf? DO YOU EVER NEED SOMEONE TO HELP YOU REACH THE TOP SHELF, SUCH AS YOUR MOM OR DAD? WELL ITS LIKE THAT WITH PLANTS. PLANTS CAN'T DO EVERYTHING BY Themselves!!! WE HAVE TO HELP THEm! a way to do that is to NOT RELEASE AS MUCH CO2 INTO THE ATMOSPHERE! the plants say help!!!!

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