Hummingbirds are pollinator birds about three inches in size. These birds are estimated to be about 42 million years old, with an expected origin of South America. They flap their wings about 80 times per second, and mostly eat flower nectar, tree sap, insects, and pollen. They have many different colors, and are only found in the Western Hemisphere.

Hummingbirds are extremely useful in many ecosystems, because they eat many types of insects. However, sadly, several species of hummingbirds are becoming endangered due to climate change and deforestation. Shockingly, the Coeligena orina hummingbird, or Dusky Starfrontlet, has an estimated population of only 50-249 left.

So, what can you do about it? You can plant certain types of flowers and bushes that hummingbirds enjoy, such as bee balm, cardinal flower, and coral honeysuckle.