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Our Human Footprint

We all have a footprint, no not like step in sand kind of footprint I mean our ecological footprint. We all have one. Our eco footprint is basically everything we use, throw away, recycle, and pretty much everything we use and do. My eco footprint mainly consists of fast food and paper because I like to draw. I asked some of my friends about their footprint and here's what they said:

  • Trinity Wrenn, "Ummm probably water and Nutella."

  • Jaycie Hicks, "Water and paper."

  • Courtney Rometski, "Sweet tea and paper."

  • Valeria Flores, "Ummm electronics and paper I use a lot of paper."

  • Bradin Babin "Mostly paper.We need to make sure that we don't use as much stuff that's nonrenewable unless we want a crappy trashy planet like Wall-E."

  • So as you can see we all have an echo footprint and we cant get rid of it so if we could use less stuff or just recycle we could make the world a better and less crappy and trashy planet.

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