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How the Durant Green Team Started

Reduce, reuse, recycle - that is what we think of when we hear green team. But how did it start and who started it? At our school we have put years of dedication into making the world a greener place, but there has to be a mastermind behind the master plan right? This mastermind is called Ms.Libby. Ms.Libby is a hard worker and always puts forth her best efforts in this program. She started getting interested in college when she learned about the impact of pollution on people and the environment. From that, she became an Activist and studied climate change. She got a job at the intermediate school and then started teaching classes for the middle school and 6th graders. Ms. Libby even gave us activities we can do at recess, such as composting and landscaping. Ms. Libby really interacts with the kids at both schools. She is an inspiration to all of us. I am going to be an Environmental Activist when I grow up. She has inspired me and many around her; I hope this inspired you to inspire more people around you!

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