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We Need to Save this Earth!

We are taking this world for granted. God even got mad at us, so when it comes to earth, we abuse it. We are eliminating species one by one. If they die the trees will die, and we the most complex thing on this planet will die with it. When it comes to animals they’re not doing so hot either. Seals can’t find places for their young to rest, and when they sleep on land polar bears eat them. Turtles eat about a pound of plastic each year, and plastic doesn’t weigh that much.

Climate change is affecting animals, plants, and us even though we make it happen. Us? Yes, we need to stop our evil habits or we Will die. Let’s stop. Let’s stop together. Let’s stop our evil habits, one tiny deed can help a ton of animals. This planet is wonderful, so let’s treat it like a friend, and not take it for granted, so please help!

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