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What is Fast Fashion and Why is it Bad for our Planet?

Fast fashion is clothing design that quickly moves from idea to prototype, mass production, and consumers. Fast fashion has an extremely harmful impact on the environment, both from its production and constant disposal. stated this is because clothing production requires a significant amount of energy and resources, and depends on toxic fabric dyes and other chemicals that contaminate fresh water. Humans are the reason for fast fashion; our constant need for new things causes us to dispose of the old, leaving the disposed to pollute and rot. According to the Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC), when we throw away clothes that have mixed fibers like cotton and elastane we are potentially polluting our water and landscapes. Many fabrics can't biodegrade and end up in our waters, where they can disintegrate into microplastics and pollute rivers, lakes and even seas. Some of the discarded clothing gets sent to Chile to be burned, sending toxins into the air and underground water channels. The consequences of this are air and water pollution, including more and more carbon dioxide in the air, which exacerbates the problem of global warming. Despite all these problems, there are many ways to avoid contributing to fast fashion. Reducing your use of fast fashion is most important. This can be accomplished by buying second-hand clothing or long-lasting new clothing. There are also options of new clothing that are specifically created to be more sustainable. Overall, reducing our need for fast fashion could lift a huge burden off our earth. Informational resources: What is fast fashion and how can you avoid it? What Is Fast Fashion and Why Is It So Bad? New shocking facts about the impact of fast fashion on our climate. What Is Fast Fashion? How Fast Fashion Impacts the Planet


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